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FESTIVAL // AUGUST 20 – 21, 2016



CHICAGO — The 2nd Annual Pilsen Fest is coming August 20-21 in Chicago! Organizers expect to see attendance of 30,000 people over the course of the two days. A total of 36 international and regional bands and 30 DJ’s, will share 3 outdoor stages, showcasing various musical genres such as: Alternative Rock, Latin American Indie Rock, Punk, World Music, Cumbia, Regional Mexican Folk, House and electronic music, among others.

Previously known as Unisono, Pilsen Fest will bring together local residents and the general public to celebrate the cultural talent and diversity that exists in the thriving Pilsen neighborhood. Pilsen has been a long-time destination to connect with Mexican roots and culture that cannot be found elsewhere in the city. This festival aims to empower its residents and festivalgoers by supporting and promoting the talent that exists in the blossoming Pilsen neighborhood. 

Held at 18th St. and Blue Island, the two-day festival will feature food and craft vendors, culinary diversity, local breweries, mixologists, a children’s area, social conscience panels and visual arts exhibits. Participation of volunteers and local talent is vital to the grass-roots efforts of this community. The celebration of this cultural renaissance is an experience not to be missed. Pilsen Fest is a wonderful event, both fostering and furthering cultural literacy within the diverse Latino/Mexican community of the Pilsen neighborhood.

For complete itinerary and full list of participating exhibitors and sponsors, please visit Join us for this year’s festival. Admission is free!


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De interés


  • 13 colores de la resistencia hondureña
    By Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle
  • La poeta de la psicodelia: Grace Slick
    By Raúl Caballero García
  • Festival del libro hispano de Virginia
    By Melanie Márquez Adams
  • Finaliza la temporada de ‘Allá en San Fernando’
    By Silvia Méndez
  • Allá en San Fernando
    By Carolina A. Herrera
  • ¡A Vivir! de Odín Dupeyrón en Chicago
    By Carolina A. Herrera


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