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Based in Pilsen, a Mexican community in Chicago, El BeiSMan is a non-profit collective of journalists and educators that produces a bilingual online monthly magazine and short documentaries. El BeiSMan also publishes books and sponsors workshops (reporting, blogging, photojournalism, documentaries). El BeiSMan produces the Latino Book and Humanities Fair, and the Pilsen Fest: a two-day outdoor event that promotes music, food, theatre, poetry, handcrafts and the arts in Pilsen.

El BeiSMan aims to cultivate a new generation of bilingual community journalists and cultural literacy within the Latino community. Recognizing that Latinos have the lowest literacy and educational rates in the country, El BeiSMan uses the new social media developments to foster learning as a means of empowering this community and to promote a new culture grounded on critical reading and writing.  

Editorial Board
Parker Asmann, Brenda Bautista, Leticia Cortez, Raúl Dorantes, Juan Mora-Torres, Manuel Morales y Méndez, José Ángel Navejas, Franky Piña

Editorial Director
Franky Piña

The Pilsen Review of Books
Juan Mora-Torres
Manuel Morales y Méndez 

José Guzmán 

Web Master

More information: elbeisman@gmail.com


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