Poems by Leticia Cortez

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Can One Ever Really Touch this Vacuum of Desire?


Can one touch sound?

There, I caught the pulsating tone and

the quivering skin moves palpitating to the rhythm.

Can one smell sound?

The swirl of scents floods the brain

a hunger to live opens.

Can one see sound?

There, I visualize the waves of the sea, the

Shapes it makes as it crashes against the rocks.

Then the undulations and vibrations of the sky

as the creatures that inhabit it pass by giving it form.

Can one ever feel vibrations

There I perceive them?

The cadence, tones, meters, tempos, beats, patterns that surrounds us

That keep opening senses that are unlocked.



 Suspended by an Obscure Visibility


“Stammering is the native eloquence of us fog people.”
—Eugene O’Neill


What does it mean to leave the past behind?

While arriving at a catastrophical beauty

or simply a wondering death.

To nurture

is to appease the vagabond by cruelly

perpetrating incessant torture

and using the continuous past

as a wandering tool

in order to arrive at an unforeseeable future.

The hollow sounds of the violin entered the lust of love,

as such the dreams of yesteryear began.

Now the ongoing present hunts and haunts

what we were.

Symbols of desire, of need,

forever searching what was.

Not knowing that to be satisfied by that

haunting melody

is to agree to a life of monotonous shadows

that are bound to destroy.

Unable to pause among the ruins

a noise awakens us,

be it a beat, a song, the lyrics one sings out of tune,

the barking of a dog

we need to understand

nothing is real when we would have

been better as birds or bears or

those disappearing bees.

Waking up is terrifying

as are those disappearing dreams, the

ones where reality stutters.


Memory happens in unison,

like a mist of illusions

one is here, there, everywhere or nowhere.




Leticia Cortez is a teacher, writer, and activist. She was born in Mexico and grew up in Chicago. She travels the art world, both in her imagination and in her music, book, art and film reviews. She writes political essays, short stories and poetry. Presently she teaches Latin American Literature and English at St. Augustine College.


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