Women’s March: A Call to Action!

Lily Martinez Publicado 2017-01-22 01:29:12

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Roughly a quarter million people marched on the streets of Chicago in solidarity with women yesterday and half a million people gathered in D.C. These mass rallies were coordinated to send a strong message to the new Trump administration. It is estimated that around 3 million people marched yesterday throughout the country, making this the largest one-day protest in the history of the United States.

It is chilling to know that in cities around the world people were standing in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington. This goes to show that the election of Donald Trump has sprung a call to action in households all over the world. The American government affects more than just the people who reside in the states. 

I was happy to see women from such diverse backgrounds walking together, empowering one another. It is important to note the complexities of this fight for equal rights. In a society that objectifies women we face very different day-to-day battles based on our demographic positioning. I believe it is safe to say that nearly all of us are demanding to be treated equal to man. 

College student Marche Stollenwerck said “As a woman you need your opinion heard, especially as a single mother. What Trump is trying to do with abortion rights and health care is just wrong.” 

The streets were flooded with pro-choice picket signs yesterday. At one point I remember looking up and smiling at a man holding a purple sign that read “I support planned parenthood.” Chicago went blue in last year’s presidential election and yesterday women and families from all over the Midwest came together in our city.


Photo: El BeiSMan


As I was leaving the demonstration there were about ten toddlers walking past me. I asked one of the parents in the group what inspired them to bring their kids and Cynthia Blaire told me, “I think it is important they know their voices can be heard.”

Our voices will be heard, women want equal pay and fundamental rights. One of my favorite chants was “trans rights are human rights.” Many societies throughout history have recognized multiple genders and people who do not identify with their sex at birth. I feel this discrimination is caused from a lack of cultural understanding. We, in the women’s movement, are fighting for the social development of all people.

This country has the potential to change its oppressive ways that not only hurt its citizens but people around the world. I walked with the Mexican flag in one hand and a raised fist in another. Even when the leader of this nation disrespects my blood, he will know I am still proud of who I am. Latina women are among of the lowest income-earning group of people in the U.S. and my generation is here to challenge that. I marched to support the women who face different battles than mine and for the battles that we collectively face for simply being a woman.


Photo: El BeiSMan

Lily Martínez is a writer and artist. Much of her work speaks on behalf of social issues especially surrounding Chicanos. She teaches yoga and is currently enrolled at the Harold Washington.

Photo: El BeiSMan


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